Bush Hogging for a Perc

When we saw our land for the first time, I wasn’t necessarily 100% sold. My husband was excited, but I couldn’t help but think, “its so ugly!” This wasn’t the land you go out on and look around and admire it’s beauty. Its scrubby, brushy, hard to walk on, and it was hard for me at first to see any potential. I kept pushing for another property instead of this one.



Luckily my husband has better vision than me, and can see the potential of what the land can become.  We can clear the “ugly brush” easily with a bulldozer, then plant grass around our house, use the rest of the land for the homestead projects, and all those scrubby trees will eventually become tall pine trees. I didn’t know that. This plot was a little over 19 acres listed for about 2k less an acre than the going rate for our area, so we would have been crazy not to jump on it.


One of the reasons we wanted to buy land and start from scratch, is so we can start our dream homestead. Which is why we need relatively flat and cleared land for greenhouses, pastures, crops, chickens, pigs…whatever we want to do with it to sustain our family, and possibly one day have a profitable farm. So this land ended up being perfect. Easier to clear without having a bunch of huge trees to cut down, and enough trees to have some privacy and a pretty view from our windows. Now I don’t see the ugliness anymore, I see the potential and what its going to become, and it’s really exciting.


We haven’t closed on the property yet, our offer is contingent upon a 3 bedroom perc. In case you don’t know, a perc test (percolation test) is a test to determine the water absorption rate of soil in preparation for the building of a septic drain field (leach field) or infiltration basin. So basically, we want to make sure the soil can handle a septic system for a 3 bedroom house. If the land doesn’t perc….well….we have some thinking to do.

In order to complete the perc test, we needed to clear some of the land so the guy could actually walk out there and test the soil. This weekend, we rented a skid steer and started clearing some of the land. This was especially exciting for us, because it was the first time we got to actually go out there and start doing something to make it ours!


First we had to determine where we wanted our driveway. If my husband was going to be cutting into the land to clear it, it may as well be where we eventually are going to have our driveway. We choose to put this in the middle of our road frontage.


According to a soils expert in the area, the only area that would *probably* perc, was the front 2 acres. So we are planning on having our leach field in the front of the property, and having our house further back so you can’t see it as easily from the road. The homesite is higher up in elevation than the leach field, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Here’s the area he cleared (well, bush hogged) for the septic. It may not look like much, but this was ALL brush before he started.  He ended up bush hogging about half an acre or so for the perc testing to be done. This will eventually become the location for our septic and leach field.



Next it was time to bush hog the homesite, and the driveway leading up to the homesite. We had already marked out these areas with our realtor, so he just had to clear a path so we could walk out there.


This will eventually be the driveway, leading back to our house.



Then this will be our homesite. In the last picture you can sort of see where there is a view of rolling hills. It was hard to capture on camera.


It doesn’t look like much now, but its so exciting to be able to actually start making progress to make this land ours. We are finally starting to see defined areas of where things are going to be, and walk around more easily. The next step, after closing of course, will be to actually clear it with a bulldozer!


Thanks for reading, and following me on this journey to live out our dream.

Here are some pictures I took while walking around, finding the beauty in the ugly land. Enjoy!





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