We Got A House!

It seems like we keep getting closer and closer to acheiving our dream. The week started out with my husband getting a job where we would be moving, and ended with us putting a deposit on a home. I have always wanted to live in a log cabin, I just love them so much. Part of the original dream was to have a gorgeous log cabin on our land overlooking the rolling hills, with an entire wall of huge bay windows. Imagine something like this:

Gorgeous right? We figured, ok no problem. We buy the land, live with family while we build a log cabin, then move in and roll the mortgage and land loan into one monthly payment. Easy! Well…..turns out log cabins are crazy expensive to build. Like stupid expensive. Know what’s also expensive? Buying 20 acres of land. So…building a log cabin went off the table. Now we faced the decision, ok where are we going to live? Building a house would also be expensive, and with two small boys that are going to continue to grow, we needed square footage. More square feet = more money. And we didn’t really like the idea of building a house that wasn’t our dream house.

That’s when we decided on a temporary manufactured home. They are cheap, have the square footage we needed, and didn’t take long to build. We could pop this up on our property, live comfortably for a few years, then build our dream home when we could afford it.

After deciding this was the route we wanted to take, we needed to figure out what house we liked. I went into Clayton Homes with very low expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised. The homes are gorgeous. I had no idea how pretty they could be on the inside. If you are thinking of buying one, I can assure you will be pleased with how they look. We got lucky and were able to buy the house right off the lot, so we will get it on our property even faster. Here’s our new home.

Sorry the pictures are dark, they didn’t have power. The house is a little over 2400 sq ft. We have 4 bedrooms, and a bonus den which will be the boys playroom. We will be more than happy living here for a few years. Hopefully if all goes well, we should be moved in by January, so a little over 2 months. I need to get packing!

Thanks for reading!

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